Window OS provides users with the TTD repair for the active directory that repairs the corrupted files in the database.  It has been categorized as the Professional Active Directory repair software that analyzes the Active Directory databases thoroughly to find the corrupted files and recovers all AD objects to the new database.

The use of the TTD Repair for MS SQL software allows users to carry on the specific recovery of database objects.  Users can choose the particular database objects that have to be restored and can save them at a specific location.

TTD Linux Data Recovery software is featured with the potential to scan the storage media and carry on the recovery processes for the chosen files from the available list. It assists to recover all the deleted files, directories, and hard drive volumes which was luring on the Linux system and optical media. 

Sometimes users have to face problems due to the lost files available on the ORACLE (.vdi), VMware (.vmdk), and Microsoft (.vhd) virtual image files.   The TTD Data Recovery can be utilized to store back those list files. Besides these, users can also restore the files from the FAT32, NTFS, FAT16, exFAT, & NTFS file systems.  TTD photo recovery tool is the latest version introduced by the window OS that offers multiple functions to recover the lost data.

Window Os users can go ahead to restore the lost files such as documents, folders, emails, photos, audio, videos & more from USB, memory card, internal/external HDD, camera by employing the TTD Data Recovery Standard. It conducts the deep scanning of the data before recovery to ensure no loss to the operating system.